Profile of Tsuyoshi Nakamura



1959 Born in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan

1981 Graduated from Faculty of Print, School of Plastic Art

1982 Award of Pacific Art Association

1988 Become a member of TABIBITOKAI, study after Mr. Chuichi KONNO, and Mr. Testuo MATSUMOTO afterwards

1992 Honorable Mention of Competition of The Ueno Royal Museum

1993 Display “Portrait of Mr. Denjiro HASEGAWA” at the Eizaburo Nishibori Memorial Explorer Museum, Shiga prefecture, Japan

1994 Ten-no-kai (3 times afterwards)

1995 Entry to Exhibition of Beautiful East Japan (Organized by JR East Japan) Commissioned “ 24 sceneries of Famous Mountains in Japan” and “Mount Zao” by Yomiuri Shinbun Co, Ltd

1997 Entry to Exhibition of Japanese Art, Aogaki

1999 Display “TAMANOO” at Manyo Museum, Nara, Japan

2001 Exhibition of Japanese Art “Four seasons in hometown”

2003 Exhibition of Mr. Tsuyoshi NAKAMURA (Izutsuya Kitakyushu, Kumamoto Santensho, Japan)

2004 Exhibition “SANGA SANKA” at Kumamoto Turuya Art Walk

2004 (Tochigi Nasu Atelier Open Studio) Exhibition “SANGA SANKA” at Oita Tokiwa, Japan

2005 Exhibition with Mrs. Hiromi NAKAUMRA (Tochigi City, Japan) Display “TOSHO” in Imaichi City, Japan

2006 Exhibition of Anniversary of New Nikko City Exhibition “SANGA SANKA” in Kumamoto, Tokyo, Osaka, Japan

Publish book of postcards of “SANGA SANKA”

2007 Display “BANDAI” at Satozakura Museum

2007 Exhibition of Japanese Art with Mrs. Hiromi NAKAMURA (Tobu Department Store, Ikebukuro and Utsunomiya, Japan)

2008 Exhibition of Japanese Art with Mrs. Hiromi NAKAMURA - SEIZAN・KOKOROMIZU - (Kintetsu Matsushita Department Store, Japan)

Establish Judge Committee for the 7th JHP Painting Exhibition in 6 provinces in Cambodia

2009 Instructor of Painting Workshop (Primary Teacher Training Center, Takeo Province, Cambodia)

Exhibition of Japanese Art with Mrs. Hiromi NAKAMURA -SEIZAN・KOKOROMIZU- (Kosugi Hoan Museum of Art, Nikko, Japan/Tobu Department Store, Utsunomiya, Japan/CJCC, Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

2011 Exhibition of Japanese art with Mrs. Hiromi NAKAMURA at Tsuruya Department Store, Kumamoto, Japan

Visit to the United States

2012 Visit to the United States, research at the Rocky

Visit to the "Museo de la Acuarela" in Mexique for the preparation of the exhibition in 2013

Exhibition of Japanese art with Mrs. Hiromi NAKAMURA at Tobu Department Store, Tokyo, Japan)

Adopted 7 works in the Calendar 2013 of Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank (to be distributed to loyal customers)

Present Member of The Japan Art Academy