Envrionmental Education Kiyora Project -Egokoro-

Kiyora Project aims to transmit the wisdom of the Japanese nature preserved since the ancient times by environmental education through painting to talented young people. This activity has been carried out by implemented by a Japanese painter obtained the traditional Japanese-style painting techniques in Mexico, Cambodia and Cameroon, and the targeted youth belong not to art school but teacher training schools and other general disciplines.

The rationale of this project is that by correctly understanding traditional esthetics, including the way of putting values in the Japanese-style painting, Egokoro, we are encouraged to harmonize the natural environment, and moreover, to transcend pragmatic boundary and to build mutual relationship, which would lead to sustainable peace and economic development. We deliver our ideas through lectures and workshops.

Hiromi Nakamura 

Japanese Painter (Member of the Japanese Art Academy) Nikko Tourism Ambassador


Profile of Hiromi Nakamura

1960 Born in Yokohama City, Japan

1986 Graduated from Faculty of Art 1, Tokyo Zokei University

1993 Accepted her work for the 48th Inten in Spring, and for the 78th Japanese Art Academy Exhibition
Published to the calendar of Marubeni Co, Ltd Ten-no-kai at Onward Gallery Nihonbashi, Japan, 3 times afterwards

1999 Accepted “AMENOCHI, SATOYAMA” for the 84th Japanese Art Academy Exhibition, Published by “Bijutsu no mado”, Seikatsu no Tomo, Co, Ltd (collected in Nikko City)

2006 Exhibition of Anniversary of New Nikko City

2007 Exhibition of Japanese Art with Mr. Tsuyoshi NAKAMURA (Tobu Department Store, Ikebukuro and Utsunomiya, Japan)

2009 Exhibition of Japanese Art with Mr. Tsuyoshi NAKAMURA -SEIZAN・KOKOROMIZU- (Kosugi Hoan Museum of Art, Nikko, Japan/Tobu Department Store, Utsunomiya, Japan/CJCC, Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

Instructor of Painting Workshop (Primary Teacher Training Center, Takeo Province, Cambodia)

2012 Conducted environmental education workshops and lectures at the teacher training center in Cameroon

2013 Exhibition of Japanese paintings “Sun, Moon and Earth” at the Toluca Watercolor Museum in Toluca, Mexico
Appointed as Nikko Tourism Ambassador

2014 Implemented “Egokoro – Capitalizing and extending the art of the traditional Japanese paint” at universities in Mexico (UNAM and ColMEX) (The 400th Anniversary of Hasekura Mission, the Embassy of Japan in Mexico)

Exhibition of Japanese paintings “NIKKO is NIPPON 2014” at the Nikko Tamozawa Imperial Villa Memorial Park, Nikko City, Japan